Back in the saddle

For the past eight and 3/4 years my brain has been mush. I moved out of Gotham to a two family dwelling in Bayonne, New Jersey with my waspy husband, black lab and swollen belly.  A few months later a little girl was cut out of my stomach and I never looked back.  We’ve added one more child and finally own a dilapidated home in the Hudson Valley.  It’s time for me to exhale.  Forgive me if I’m rusty this may be the most creative thing I’ve done in the last decade.

Anyone who knew the former me would say that I have changed for the better.  For instance I no longer sleep with random strangers and I am sober more than I’m drunk.  I have been able to keep two children safe, fed and sheltered.  This is no small feat for a girl like me.

I used to act and write.  I was in theatre companies appearing in new plays and old plays and a not so great film or two.  I followed the Artist’s Way and wrote my morning pages religiously on the train headed to my temp job du jour.  My lack of commercial (or critical) success comes as no surprise.  I would wait on line at 4 am for the Equity auditions but it was usually after drinking til midnight.  I never had a properly prepared audition piece.  Various magazines rejected my short story submissions and I lost my morning pages in a West Village bar.  But at least I tried.  I’m trying again.


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